Crystal Shadow now Finalized, the best representative of Xakestar Music

We finished up finalizing “Crystal Shadow” whose incomplete demo, gaining more than 14,000 hits, was the most popular Xakestar song in accordance with the statistics. To sum up the characteristics of this song, it is a grunge tune mixed with heavy metal, energetic, aggressive, dramatic, doom, and dark influences. The most important feature of this tune is the bass line which turned out to be extremely active, independent and it is our signature, our idiosyncratic mark on this genre. Crystal Shadow sounds like alternative rock/grunge being mixed with Gothic and electronic elements as used by Depeche Mode. We used pads and synths all over the guitar riffs. A possible theme of the lyrics can be criticism of religion, and it is blended with references to dark desires, forbidden realms of the mind; moreover, it is enriched with a mystic and spiritual tone.

You can listen to it in full length and high quality using the links below.