Xakestar's new tune now available: "The Aged Grey"

Do you like Alice in Chains? How about Pink Floyd? Even if you like Megadeth, our new tune will represent some influences of those bands; however, we have kept our original sound which defines our progressive attitude. Here you can listen to our new tune named "The Aged Grey" written by Hani Rajabi and Moe Khojasteh.

Xakestar adds a new tune, takes on a new style!

We have been working diligently to present our new tune The Unknown Beloved. This song is a combination of various genres and influenced by different artists and bands. The genre can be considered a blend of progressive metal, old school thrash metal and doom metal. The lyrics to this song took a considerable amount of time and it contains references to Elizabethan literature. This tune introduces two guest musicians: Shandiz Mehrabadi and Maziar Mahian. You can listen to this tune by clicking on the link below.

Words and music: Moe Khojasteh.
Co-writer and keyboards: Shandiz Mehrabadi
Guitars, bass, additional keyboards: Moe Khojasteh
Lead guitar: Maziar Mahian
Produced by Moe Khojasteh in an association with Longhair Productions. A demo is released by Liquid Tree Records.

"Frailty and Flares" now available in video, and 3 other Xakestar's recent videos

Here you can watch the lyric video of Xakestar's collaborative project featuring Marek Starx named Frailty and Flares, which is produced by Marek Starx. Marek uses his unique method of plainness, emblematic imagery and shaped poetry in this video.

Besides, you can watch 3 other videos of Xakestar. The videos are basically intended to demonstrate the lyrics and the artworks. However, the passions, band's inclinations, members' thoughts and psychological streams of consciousness, or the imagery which can be considered emanations of the band's basic ambiance are subjectively expressed in the videos and the artworks they contain. In accordance with the band's style which puts stress on the lyrics as a decisive medium of signification, the milieu of the music and words are reconstructed by these impressionistic videos.

-Here you can watch Xakestar's thrash metal project named The North

-Please check out Crystal Shadow's Video, another hardcore/metal song by Xakestar.
-And this is the link to Detachment in Youtube.

Xakestar adds a new song, a collaborative project, featuring Marek Starx

We have been working diligently on our new tune, Frailty and Flares, which demonstrates a new aspect of our genre. The song is composed in an effort to incorporate our experience in doom metal into our current style which is progressive rock/metal.This song is a collaborative experiment which benefits from Marek Starx's intensely emotional and haunting line of vocals. In terms of lyrical features, the Gothic literary style and personal dilemmas fuse into a subjective and expressionist description of the darkside of our consciousness.

Xakestar unveils "Detachment"

Xakestar releases the single Detachment, now available in Spotify.

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