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"Your Face"

Xakestar - Your Face (Remixed and Remastered)
This song was composed two years ago but due to technical reasons it was reproduced while focusing on the production values. We tried to present a more coherent and precise version of this song recently. Here is the maximized and remastered version. You can listen to it for free using the links below. This song is written and produced by Moe Khojasteh while benefiting from advice and help of our friend, Shahab H.  In terms of genre, this song can be considered a combination of Grunge, Gothic and Hard Rock. 

Xakestar is back with "the Perfect Fall"

We have been working diligently in order to revive and re-compose an old song and here is the result. The song incorporate elements of Alternative, Gothic and Doom. We have been working towards a better production value and the process of mix and mastering took much time and effort so we could present a product which hopefully would be acceptable and joyable. We rely upon your point of view. Please listen here:

Xakestar - Repulsion

A new song, with a different lyrical approach, a distinctive subject matter and of denunciatory nature with a pang of outcry and protest against a well-established edifice of belief. Refer below for direct listening.

A fresh, distinctive and improved version of "Frailty and Flares"

We diligently worked on this tune which is a collaboration between Xakestar and Marek Starx. It is re-recorded, remixed and remastered. It takes a completely different direction from the earlier version. Let us know what you think of it. Enjoy!
#xakestar #marekstarx #alternative #alternativerock #Grunge #ambient #postrock #Gothicrock #goth #rock #synthrock

"One Thousand of Eventides (Instrumental Version)" now uploaded

Hi there!

This is perhaps the most radical change in the style/genre since Xakestar is born. It is written and produced by Moe Khojasteh. This song represents an industrial/Synth-Rock style which is combined with Alt. Rock elements. The vocal lines are in the process of production and soon this instrumental version will be replaced. Our influences on this song have been Depeche Mode, The Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails. Enjoy!

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The Aged Grey is Out Now!!!


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We represent the forbidden realm of the mind, enriched with poetry, mystic vibes, heavy tons of attitude. An alternative/Grunge with an under-taste of Goth. Dark, heavy and psychedelic, brooding, lush tapestry that grabs the soul.

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About "Longhair-Productions"

Longhair Productions. Las Vegas/Nevada
Xakestar's respectable agent and manager, Kevin Dunham, established this organization in 2011, known as Longhair Productions, whose supervision, guidance and operation was the most influential factor conducive to the rejuvenation and restoration of the formerly marginalized band, Xakestar. If we had not benefited from the insightful and professionally adjusted promotional efforts of Longhair Productions, we would have been faded out and left voiceless in the harsh and cruel commotion of the contemporary music industry. 

Kevin Dunham briefly defines the basic objectives of the organization as: 
  • Our mission is to create both long and short term goals for indie artists and meet those goals to reach the next level. 
  • Longhair Productions offer a full range of Management Services and we strive to personalize our services to best meet the needs of our Artists. 
Here are the links to the official representative websites and more information. All inquiries to Kevin Dunham:

Longhair at Reverbnation
*Longhair Productions is located at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Crystal Shadow now Finalized, the best representative of Xakestar Music

We finished up finalizing “Crystal Shadow” whose incomplete demo, gaining more than 14,000 hits, was the most popular Xakestar song in accordance with the statistics. To sum up the characteristics of this song, it is a grunge tune mixed with heavy metal, energetic, aggressive, dramatic, doom, and dark influences. The most important feature of this tune is the bass line which turned out to be extremely active, independent and it is our signature, our idiosyncratic mark on this genre. Crystal Shadow sounds like alternative rock/grunge being mixed with Gothic and electronic elements as used by Depeche Mode. We used pads and synths all over the guitar riffs. A possible theme of the lyrics can be criticism of religion, and it is blended with references to dark desires, forbidden realms of the mind; moreover, it is enriched with a mystic and spiritual tone.

You can listen to it in full length and high quality using the links below.