Some B-Sides which we consider them some of the Best! Part-1

The Unknown Beloved is written by Moe Khojasteh and co-produced by Shandiz Mehrabadi. This song is multi-faceted, multi-layered and is produced with extreme attention to the details, the riffs are more complex than any other Xakestar tune, and the lyrics are recognized Gothic, the melodies are dark, there are traces of ambient lines, there is a highly technical solo, the structure resembles old school thrash metal but the song in general is subjective whose direction changes occasionally, its tone resembles a dour and dolorous narrative, illustrating an iconoclast, sullen and detached mind. It is remastered and the quality is improved,you can give it a listen through the links below:

Are you ready for some old-school Fuzzy Grunge, intense crushing-rock tunes?

Hi There!!! We have two new announcements to make today...

  1. Here I present you a less known song of #Xakestar but as usual it has a #Grunge structure, with #Metal influences, adorned by violent distortions, and embellished by intense wah effects in the intro. This song is accompanied by an incredible, one of the best, vocal performances done by Hani Rajabi and it benefits from his amazing keyboard lines. 

       2. And what we have here, pure Grunge, raw and intense mix, harsh sounding, with traces of Thrash Metal, and a solo which made us what we are now, with some mind-blowing drums, all dark and distorted...

"I am not them" Marek Starx and Xakestar

Dear friends and fans!
we got an important announcement to make, we have been diligently working on a new song, I'm not them, whose words and music is written by our most valuable friend and collaborator, Marek Starx. This song is produced and performed by me, Moe Khojasteh (Founder of Xakestar). This is probably the most intense project we (Marek and I) have ever worked on. I found the origin of the song highly emotional, influential and haunting. So I spent a long time performing the instruments and producing this piece while benefiting from Marek's suggestions and being directed by his exquisite and crucial guidance. Without further ado, we invite you to listen to this piece which embellished Xakestar's song list.

Return to "The North"

Post by Moe Khojasteh

Some poetry written by me, special artworks, a variety of them, quotes from novels I love, some pieces of my own writings, simple animation, combined with a heavy tune which can be described a move towards Thrash Metal. All of these together in a Youtube video presenting perfromance of The North by Moe Khojasteh. Some artworks are designed by Mohtasham Amuei.

Xakestar Adds Acclaimed Piece "The Aged Grey"

Xakestar has been working diligently on The Aged Grey and on its remix and re-mastering. The version you're about to hear is received favorably by numerous radio stations worldwide. For a more accurate description of the song, we can add that this piece is a blend of alternative rock, grunge, space rock, and progressive metal. Please honor us by your opinions. Here you can listen to the song. Below you can find the lyrics to this piece as well. 

  • Please Click Here to have access to the lyrics written by Moe Khojasteh. 

Xakestar adds a new song, a collaborative project, featuring Marek Starx

We have been working diligently on our new tune, Frailty and Flares, which demonstrates a new aspect of our genre. The song is composed in an effort to incorporate our experience in doom metal into our current style which is progressive rock/metal.This song is a collaborative experiment which benefits from Marek Starx's intensely emotional and haunting line of vocals. In terms of lyrical features, the Gothic literary style and personal dilemmas fuse into a subjective and expressionist description of the darkside of our consciousness.

Xakestar unveils "Detachment"

Xakestar releases the single Detachment, now available in Spotify.

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