Xakestar presents the "Detachment"

Xakestar decided to stream a new tune which has been available only in certain radio stations, this song has raised numerous favorable reviews and has been accompanied by positive reception from radio personalities. This song is attributed by sad, melancholic and dark yet tempting and irresistible atmosphere and it is enriched by Gothic and profound poetic lyrics. It is called "Detachment". You can listen to it through the link below:

Xakestar and Thrash Metal. A new Tune!!!

Xakestar spent the week trying to remaster an old original song written and performed by Mo Khojasteh, which falls into the category of thrash metal; however, there are some elements that can be considered references to progressive metal. The structure follows the pattern of the subgenre and many listeners compare it with Testament and Megadeth since the technical atmosphere of the song and the vocals resemble these bands. You can give it a listen Here.
xakestar art 14

Xakestar adds a new song!!!

Xakestar adds a new song to streaming section. The new tune is a remake of a previous song; however, the songs is modified and altered in order to correspond to our fans' taste and expectations. Please feel free to honor us with your comments and ideas about the new tune.